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Smart Week

Smart Week
Last Thursday, April 4th, was our SMART week Research Day and our Secondary students enjoyed carrying out activities such as:

- Easter Egg Hunt by 1st year Seconday:

The students of Primary Education had to resolve questions or problems (research questions) from a aide array of subjects (Geography and History, Economics, Mathematics, English and Spanish). Teamwork and organisation were essential to successfully overcoming all of the challenges encountered.

- Wax Museum by 2nd year Secondary:

The students of primary dressed up as well-known historical figures and the students of 2nd year Secondary had to guess who they were using a series of clues provided by the younger students.

- Environmental Projects by 3rd year Secondary:

The students of 3rd year Secondary visited the classes of 5th and 6th years of Primary to show and teach them the importance of taking care of our environment and of recycling. They also designed a series of environmental awareness games for the younger Primary students to play during their break (seedbeds, the effects of acid rain, how to recycle and make creations using plastic bottles, caps and packages).

This was quite an experience for all ages. Peer learning is essential and effective.

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