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1st year of Secondary Education visited the

The students of 1st year of Secondary Education visited the Torcal de Antequera area and its dolmens. It was a very interesting experience and the landscapes were spectacular. Our explorers were lucky to have great weather to be able to discover the secrets and treasures hidden in the Torcal area during their guided visit in English.

Lego Robotics Workshop

Last February our school held another edition of the LEGO Robotics Workshop with the students of 2nd year of Secondary Education as the protagonists.

During this workshop, which forms part of the subject of Technology, the students undertook two main tasks: first to resolve a robotics challenge in the famous “GREEN CITY” with the LEGO MINDSTORM robots; and then the construction of a “WINDMILL” with a system of gears and pulleys able to move a counterweight at a high speed.

Smart Week - S for Science

On  Monday students of different ages participated in a series of activities relating to the different fields of science.

Volunteer students from 3rd year of Secondary Education acted as guides to groups of students of 5th and 6th years of Primary Education to carry out colourful and entertaining experiments such as “elephant toothpaste”. Other groups learned the basic principles of electricity by making shapes with special plasteline, led lights and batteries which resulted in a giant snake that lit up when the batteries were connected.

The students of 1st year of Secondary did a bacterial culture to discover, over the course of the week, whether washing our hands significantly reduces bacteria on our hands. Who will dare to go to lunch without washing their hands after they discover the results?

Excursion to

The students of 1st year of Secondary Education enjoyed a hiking route in the mountain range near Benaoján.

The students first visited the Cueva de la Pileta cave, which has been open to the public since 1924 and contains cave paintings by different tribes and from different periods of history. We also learned about the different geological formations and structures present in the cave and experienced 30 seconds of complete darkness and silence 500 metres from the entrance of the cave. According to one of the students: “it was the darkest moment of my life!”.

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