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Primary School

Primary School

The primary education stage is for children from 6 to 12 years old and is divided into three cycles: initial, middle and upper, each lasting two years.

The fundamental goal of this stage is to develop, promote and strengthen the comprehensive training of each student in all aspects (social, intellectual and emotional) so that they acquire a solid base for the educational stages to come, both in terms of knowledge as well as capabilities and skills, taking into account education in values (responsibility, commitment, study skills and motivation)

We work on all the different types of intelligence to enable the students to achieve their maximum potential in all aspects of their development. We do this using an individualized methodology where the children play an active role in the classroom.

Children learn in an international environment, through cooperative learning, working on projects, working on experiments and through acquiring social skills and emotional intelligence for their later development.

The teacher-student relationship is vital at this stage and is based on three fundamental pillars: care, communication and discipline; thereby creating a framework of safety and motivation that encourages the students’ overall growth.

Basic skills are consolidated at this stage, like reading, writing and maths. The development of skills such as oral and written communication, logical thought and knowledge of the social and natural environment are also included, helping the students to mature.

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