In Early Childhood Education, besides having fun, dancing, and laughing a lot, we take advantage of the carnival celebration to work with students on aspects such as shyness, social skills, creativity, and body expression… And how do we do this?

Our Carnival week starts with a special guest, “The King or Queen of Carnival.” On the Friday before, our guest appears unexpectedly in our playground, with music, colour, and lots of fun, bringing along a suitcase with different messages that we will read throughout the week, revealing how we should come to school the next day.

This year we started the week on Monday with fun hairstyles, on Tuesday with face painting, on Wednesday with mismatched socks, and on Thursday dressed up as something related to the project each class has been working on. Every afternoon, we all gather together to dance, sing, and discover the next riddle. On Thursday, at the end of the day, our carnival queen came again to say goodbye until next year.

It has been a very fun week in which both families and students, as well as teachers, have taken advantage of to bring out their most creative side!