• Colegio Internacional Atalaya


The meals served in the Atalaya International School lunch room are prepared in our kitchen daily by our team of cooks, always using the highest quality ingredients and, when possible, ingredients produced locally.

Colegio Internacional Atalaya

Our meals plans are supervised by a nutritionist to ensure that they provide a correct supply of nutrients and energy.

Colegio Internacional Atalaya

We offer special options for vegetarians, as well as for those students with food allergies or intolerances. In these cases, the meal plans are adapted to the student’s personal needs.

At Atalaya International School the lunch room forms an integral part of the education we offer our students. We strive to instil healthy eating habits and teach good hygiene, behaviour and companionship under the supervision of our teaching staff.

Colegio Internacional Atalaya

In Preschool and the first stage of Primary special emphasis is placed on:

  • Proper hygiene before and after meals
  • Learning to eat independently and to accept the food options that form part of the daily menu
  • Good behaviour in the lunch room and at the table, showing respect for classmates and making proper use of cutlery and serviettes
  • Brushing teeth after meals