Colegio Atalaya is an educational space designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop on all levels through multidisciplinary, holistic and customisable learning pathways. These pathways are described in our educational project, in which the following principles are defined:

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    For us the development of the student, as an individual and social person, is the centre of the work we do at the school. The work methods used fulfil the following requirements:

    Participation – Positive interdependence – Brain-friendly teaching – Thought-based learning – Personalisation – Contextualisation – Functionality

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    We understand development to be the all-round and well-rounded growth of the student. In order to achieve this, when designing the learning pathways we take into account the multiple aspects of intelligence, the need for values to be at the heart of the educational experience and the importance of physical education, understood as education in healthy lifestyle habits.

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    We understand that each person is unique and that, while all are equal in rights and dignity, each of our students has different talents, skills, motivation and aptitudes. For this reason, our educational pathways offer students at our school the personalisation needed for their overall and differentiated development.

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    All children are entitled to receive a good education and have the correlative duty to strive to reach a level of excellence in learning that allows them to continue their academic development to contribute to making a better world.

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    School is also a place where students should be cared for, where their physical, emotional and social safety is essential to the success of their learning process. The creation of a threat-free environment and establishing relationships based on a sense of belonging and trust are thus a cornerstone of our educational project.

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    We educate for today and for tomorrow and for this reason our learning pathways include programmes to educate our students in those areas, disciplines and skills they will most require in the future. The knowledge and command of several languages (English, Spanish and German) and of new technologies, robotics and programming are some of the most notable aspects of our school in this respect.

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    The social impact of our work goes beyond what we do as an institution and extends to the social impact of the work done by our students. This includes the students that are currently carrying out their studies at our centre and also the students that have already completed their studies with us and have gone on to their university studies or professional careers. We want our students to be aware of the main problems faced by today’s world and to contribute, to the greatest extent possible, to making the world a better place.

During the final stage of our learning pathway we offer our students the possibility to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which aims to form socially committed, well-informed and knowledge hungry young people, capable of contributing to making a better and more peaceful world, within a framework of mutual understanding and intercultural respect. In order to reach this objective the IB organisation works with schools, governments and international organisations to create and develop demanding international educational programmes and rigorous assessment methods. These programmes encourage students from around the world to take a more active role in learning throughout their lives and to show compassion in understanding that –despite our differences- other people may also prove to be right.