Farewell and gratitude

Dear Educational Community,

Last Friday we closed our tenth school year with an enjoyable and amusing year-end party. We were delighted to be able to celebrate the work done throughout the school year together with the whole educational community in a family environment and a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

One of the advantages of celebrating ten years as a school is being able to observe how many of our former students, who are studying at university or who are already immersed in their professional careers, perceive their academic and personal experience at the school as a valuable and decisive part of their own growth.

Although we are still awaiting the results of the International Baccalaureate students, which we will know in two weeks’ time, we are pleased to announce that all of our Spanish national Baccalaureate students have passed their university entrance exams, as has been the case in all previous years. Equally successful have been the results of the Cambridge language proficiency certification tests.

All of this is, for us, the practical validation of our educational project. We want our students to enjoy learning and to learn while enjoying themselves. We want to give them meaningful experiences that allow them to discover the different areas of knowledge while discovering and building themselves. Finally, we want the whole educational experience they receive, from the time they start school at the age of 3 until they leave at the age of 18, to be an excellent preparation for life.

The commitment shown by all the school staff throughout the year, expressed in the form of effort, affection, perseverance and creativity, has made possible, once again, a nurturing, pleasant and safe educational context. If we add to this the constant and very positive participation of the families in school life, we have as a result a lively, happy and dynamic school. A very good place to grow up.

Thank you all, families, staff and, above all, students, for this tenth school year. We look forward to seeing you back at school again after the holidays.

Happy summer!


Luis Rosa Invernón


Atalaya International School