• Colegio Internacional Atalaya



We use innovative educational methods so that our students enjoy their day to day at school while learning in a dynamic and participatory manner.

Proyecto Educativo Colegio Atalaya Bilingüismo


Learn English and Spanish in the most natural way possible as these are the languages in which learning occurs. We certify our students’ level of English through the Cambridge English exams. We are a Cambridge English preparation and exam centre.

Integration of New Technologies

The incorporation of new technologies in our students’ learning process is done in a natural way. The use of technology is a means through which student participation is increased, while at the same time allowing them to develop skills relating to the digital world.


Our decision to implement cooperative learning methods is based on the latest advances in neuroscience, which maintain that we learn better when social interaction and participation is enhanced. In addition, cooperative learning methods allow us to prepare our students to work as a team, developing their social skills.


The physical development of our students is an essential part of their overall growth and, for this reason, sports is of special relevance. Furthermore, through sports our students learn to work hard, overcome challenges and work as a team.


Each student is unique and is the centre of the school’s educational activity. For this reason, with the help of our Guidance Department and thanks to the extensive training received by our teaching staff, we are able to give every student personalised attention and support their personal development.

Preparation for University

Preparing our students for their University Education is one of school’s main objectives. The school offers the Spanish national LOMCE Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate programmes, thus providing a wide variety of options so that students may access the studies they choose in universities all over the world. To date, our results in the university access exams have been excellent.

Proyecto Educativo Colegio Atalaya Familia


We understand that family is an essential component of any educational community and, as such, it should play the corresponding role in school life. The attention we pay to families is highly personalised and intense, as regards monitoring the development of each student. At the same time, we organise activities to involve families in school life.

Proyecto Educativo Colegio Atalaya Compromiso Solidario

Commitment to Solidarity

We educate to make a better world. We educate to provide our students with experiences that lead them to discover the values of friendship, peace, solidarity, etc. In consequence, as a school we strive to be an agent for social change, acting in response to the fundamental challenges posed by today’s world.