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Guidance Department

The Guidance and Psychological Assistance Department is a support body that is responsible for encouraging, fostering and coordinating the activities of tutoring and guidance, as well as for assisting the different sectors that participate in the educational process. It is a service at the disposal of the entire educational community.

A guidance service that encompasses actions, cooperation and coordination with families and teaching staff in an attempt to optimise the efficiency of the work done by all agents involved in the student’s education to the benefit of their overall development.

The activities and functions carried out may be divided into four main groups, depending on the stage of education of the student:

  • Supporting the teaching-learning process: attention to diversity, providing resources, etc.
  • Tutorial action plan, more specifically two programmes aimed at the Secondary and Baccalaureate level of studies
  • Academic and professional guidance
  • Advisory, coordination and cooperation with teaching staff and with families

Our work:

Stages of Preschool and Primary Education:

  • The purpose of guidance services in preschool and primary education is based on a proactive and pre-emptive approach to learning difficulties, striving to optimise the teaching processes, favouring diversity and preparing for life. In addition, it seeks a facilitative approach as regards the teaching and learning process to favour the overall education of the student. The primary objective is prevention, intervention and monitoring of all students in Preschool and Primary Education

Stages of Secondary and Baccalaureate Education:

  • Develop and coordinate, working hand in hand with teachers, the Tutorial Action Plan for each stage of education
  • Coordinate the planning and development of school and professional guidance activities. Foster the students’ self-knowledge and provide decision-making strategies relating to their professional future
  • Advising students and families on a group or individual level