• Colegio Internacional Atalaya

Secondary Education

The stage of Compulsory Secondary Education (12 to 16 years of age) is structured in two two-year substages.

At this stage the students consolidate the abilities, skills and prowess that will enable them to continue progressing through the following stages of their education, these including the values that will make them active, committed and responsible citizens.

During this stage we continue to develop on the educational model implemented in Primary Education but we adapt it to the physical, intellectual and psychological changes that students undergo during these years.

At Colegio Atalaya we have chosen to implement active learning, information and communication technologies in class, investigation and experimentation and, above all, the constant stimulation of the development of both social and intellectual skills and abilities that prepare our students for the challenges they face in the future.

It is of utmost importance during these years prior to becoming an adult that all communication with families and students be transparent and sincere, that cross-cutting themes of their interest be present in their everyday learning experience and that there be an environment of social integration based on tolerance and respect. We understand that individualised supervision and attention and the family’s right to receive information are key aspects to -all together- serve as a guide to students during their teenage years.