• Academic excellence

    To achieve the best possible preparation for University

  • Large open spaces

    A pleasant learning environment

  • First class facilities

    The best stage for educational success

  • Cooperative learning methods

    We prepare our students to work as a team


    Menu prepared in-house

Colegio Internacional Atalaya


Our school offers a truly international environment, with the cultural, social and linguistic richness this implies. Learning our two main languages, English and Spanish, is a natural process for our students and results from the structured teaching programmes and socio-linguistic context the school provides.


Colegio Internacional Atalaya


Entrega de Pasaportes del Proyecto Global Empowering Journey
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Global Empowering Journey Project Passport Ceremony

Yesterday, 1st ESO students participated in a Global Empowering Journey event, where they received and signed their passports.
Farewell to the School Year and Gratitude
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Farewell and Gratitude

We are happy to be able to celebrate with the educational community the work carried out throughout the school year in a family environment.
Los estudiantes de bachillerato del colegio internacional atalaya, han aprobado la selectividad con muy buenas notas

PEvAU University Access Exams

We would like to congratulate all our second year Baccalaureate students for passing their PEvAU university access exams.
Graduación de los alumnos del bachillerato nacional e internacional
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Baccalaureate Graduation

On June 7th, the graduation ceremony for our National and International 2nd-year Baccalaureate students took place.
Cambridge English Qualifications
Colegio del mundo IB