Enthusiasm and curiosity took over the school this year during the celebration of our Science and Technology Day, where Baccalaureate students became valuable volunteers to sow the seeds of scientific knowledge in the Primary and Secondary classes. This event was much more than a day dedicated to science; it was a day full of discovery, experiments and interactive learning.

 The classrooms of 1st year Primary were filled with laughter and excitement as the students made non-Newtonian fluid. The opportunity to dip their hands into the dough and explore the unique properties of this material was certainly a highlight for the budding little scientists.

 Our 2nd year Primary students witnessed a shower of chemical stars contained in jars that simulated miniature universes. The children were amazed to see how different substances reacted to create a brilliant and inspiring spectacle.

 In 3rd year Primary the magic of magic ink captured the attention of the students, who discovered the fascination of drawing and revealing hidden patterns with this ingenious substance.

In 4th year Primary our students experienced the thrill of a volcanic eruption. Having created their own volcanoes during the week, they witnessed the lava erupt in an amazing spectacle. As a reward, each student took home a lava lamp, a tangible reminder of the magic of science.

 A microscopic scavenger hunt was conducted by our 5th year Primary students, who explored the world though a microscope and discovered wonders invisible to the naked eye.

 Our 6th year Primary students demonstrated their scientific skills by classifying unknown rocks using dichotomous keys. This exercise not only challenged their observation and classification skills, but also encouraged problem solving and critical thinking.

 Meanwhile, our Secondary Education students faced the exciting “eggstronaut” challenge. The task was to protect an egg from a three-metre fall using only four materials. This activity not only tested their ingenuity and creativity, but also gave them hands-on experience in applying scientific concepts.

 In addition, the Secondary students enjoyed visiting different stations dedicated to physics, chemistry and technology. Guided by their more experienced peers in each subject, they participated in experiments and demonstrations that allowed them to immerse themselves directly in the fascinating world of science.

 In short, Science and Technology Day was not only an educational event, but also an exciting and participatory experience that left a lasting impression on all students. This innovative and hands-on approach to science education promotes a love of learning and exploration, encouraging young people to become future scientists and technologists.