Winners of the Atalaya Awards in Primary Education

On this occasion, within the framework of the Atalaya Awards, we would like to recognise three of our Primary School students.

On this occasion, we recognise the following students: 

Lucía Marrón Niño – Good Citizenship Award

Lucía is a born pacifist. In the face of any controversy that arises in class, she always enlightens us with her reasoning and coherence to find the fairest solution for everyone, promoting and encouraging harmony in the class.

From the Preschool Education stage, she has helped to make new students integrate and feel part of the group.

For her altruism, charisma and kindness she deserves this recognition.

Raphael Nijmeh – Academic Excellence Award

We are honoured to recognise Raphael, an outstanding 4th year Primary student, for his exceptional academic achievements.

We are proud of Raphael not only for his grades, but for his dedication, determination and enthusiasm for learning, not to mention his kindness and compassion for others.

Raphael has shown great discipline and consistency in his studies and is always eager and enthusiastic to learn more about the world around him.

He serves as a brilliant example of what it means to be an exceptional student.

Valentina Ríos Díaz – Good Citizenship Award

Valentina has won the affection of all her classmates and teachers because of her good conduct and enthusiasm for learning. She is a student who is always willing to cooperate, enrich and encourage her classmates to show the best of themselves.

She transmits happiness and tranquillity, being very respectful of those around her.

It is for all these reasons that we give Valentina this recognition as an exemplary citizen.