Latest Atalaya Awards Winners!

We are pleased to share with you the latest winners as part of the tenth-anniversary celebrations.

In secondary education, we highlight Marina Martínez Arana and Noa Bungaroo de Prado.

Congratulations to Marina Martínez Arana for her Good Citizenship Award.

Marina demonstrates her commitment to the school’s values every day by participating in activities that benefit all students and improve the quality of life for everyone. Her positive energy, collaborative spirit, and sense of justice inspire both students and teachers.

We hope this spirit accompanies her throughout the rest of her educational journey and that she continues to be a role model and an example for everyone.

Colegio Atalaya

Noa Bungaroo, a second-year baccalaureate student, has been awarded the Academic Excellence Award for her outstanding work ethic. Over the years, Noa has stood out for her consistency, diligence, and responsibility towards her studies, as well as her pursuit of knowledge, which inspires us all.

It is worth noting that, in addition to being an exemplary student, she is also a wonderful person. We are confident that this recognition will serve as a succinct reminder of all that our student can achieve, and we hope she surpasses expectations with all the successes she is capable of accomplishing.

Colegio Atalaya

In primary education we highlight:

Louna Mase Meuwese – Atalaya Academic Excellence Award

Louna is receiving this award in recognition for all the work she has done this year and for the excellent academic results she has achieved, especially considering that she has done so in a language that is not her mother tongue.

From the beginning Louna has worked with a smile and a positive attitude, always ready to learn and to accept all new challenges.

Her effort and dedication inspire us all. We are very proud of her and we know she has a great future ahead.

Colegio Atalaya

Carmen Marruenda Porto – Good Citizenship Award

It is indeed an honour and a privilege to celebrate and recognise Carmen, a student who epitomises the qualities of a good citizen in our school.

Carmen has demonstrated a sense of civic duty, kindness and empathy towards others, and is an inspiration to us all with her good sense of humour and positive attitude.

Carmen has the unique ability to inspire us all to be better human beings.

May her example continue to inspire us all to strive for a brighter and more compassionate future.

Atalaya Awards Winners

Paula Guerrero Ordóñez – Atalaya Academic Excellence Award

Paula is the joy of her class. From her first day at school she has proven herself to be an exemplary student, not only for her outstanding grades but also for her positive attitude, her intellectual curiosity and the enthusiasm she puts into everything she does.

In addition to her excellent grades, she has maintained a spirit of companionship and a willingness to help others that make her even more deserving of this recognition.

We are very proud of her and look forward to witnessing all of her wonderful future achievements.

Atalaya Awards Winners